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Tracie Hunter, is the daughter of the famous legendary rock artist, Ian Hunter ex. Mott The Hoople, collaboration with David Bowie, Mick Ronson and as a strong solo artist. Ian Hunter is also a great friend of Norway after several visits and concerts. One of his most famous Norwegian conserts as a solo artist is his concert at Sentrum Scene, Oslo in January 2002 features artists like Andy York, Torstein Flakne, Per Lindval, Sven Lindval, Kjetil Berkestrand, and the Trondheim Soloist. This concert is also available on DVD, “String Attached – A Very Special Night” from the record company Universal Music

Tracie is a selfstanding songwriter, composer and lead vocalist in her own band, The Tracie Hunter Band based in London, United Kingdom. She have grown up with the music from her father and in close contact to a lot of Ian`s wide range of musicfriends like the legendary artist, writer, arranger and producer Mick Ronson who unfortunately died of cancer 29th of April 1993.

- Mick Ronson was a good friend of mine and i love him dearly….such a gentle lovely talented man…with the power to make everyone smile.

(photo: Tracie and Ian Hunter live on stage)

- I always loved music, my fathers music was the soundtrack to my childhood. I was a teenager when I recorded my first demo with my father in his studio.

- I spent many years performing around US & UK with just a guitar or piano, but I have had a full band for many years now.

- Many artist have influenced me, not least my father, Rolling Stones, Elton John, The Faces, Chrissie Hynde, Annie Lennox,  Steve Tyler….it goes on…I love great vocals…vocals with character. I`m loving Amy Winehouse, it`s apart from the crown.


(photo: Steve Tyler, Aerosmith and Tracie Hunter)

- I perform in USA with Steve Tyler, got on stage & did BV`s for him, I love him!! His a legende.

With all this exiting influenced of close work to great rock artist, Tracie still have manage to create her own unique sound and expression. Just what is typical for a unique and talented artist. After listen to her EP`s I`m very impressed of this strong songs and was curious to know more about the background for the creating of this.

- My music genere is rock/acoustic and the songs I have sent you are autobiographical. They always are although sometimes ambigious. I can`t perform unless I mean it. I have to feel the song. The song “Marylebone” that you point out is a such a simple song that I wrote many years ago. One of the first song I ever wrote…it was a love song…actually it was a lust song.

 Tracie and her band Tracie Hunter band coming live performens is 28th of May at The Booyaloo (London and South East, UK), 20th of June at Riga (Southend, South UK), 26th of June at The Musician (Leicester, UK), 27th of June (Moon and Sixpence (Manchester, UK) and Main Stage at Fen Festival (Cambridge, UK).

The Norwegian music audience will have the fantastic opportunity to experience Tracie Hunter and her band live at the Norwegian music festival, Egersund Visefestival 4th of July this summer.

Rockman`s advise:

Use this unique opportunity. Visit Tracie Hunters concerts. This is a strong upcoming artists that soon will have their international breakthrough. About a few years you will be able to say:

“I was there already in 2009″



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